Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
Providing a line of IT products and services to large businesses for the adoption of blockchain technology to the companies business processes.

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We know businesses look for new customers’ attraction channels, ways to increase the average bill and optimize costs. Introducing technology is only a beginning. And therefore, we focus on the product, it’s logic, understanding the place of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in a company’s business processes. Our product experts will help you understand how to weave blockchain into your business, if it is possible, and if it is, how can you make money on this and increase your clients’ satisfaction.
Whet it blockchain, most focus on cryptocurrencies. These two entities do not always come together. If we see that your product is all about crypto, we will find how cryptocurrencies may be of help to you, what coin type is required - stablecoin or a floating-rate coin, what the issue shell be, whether it will be a “utility token” or “share”, how exactly it will be used by your customers, how they will make money on it, what profit it will bring to your business. We will help not only create a coin but also integrate it into your business processes, and solving potential problems with authorities to allow your business to operate legally.
New technologies present financial, legal and reputational risks to your business. And therefore, our experts will develop a detailed financial model for new business processes related to the blockchain, and will also calculate all the risks of introducing technology in your company. Together, we will weigh the pros and cons and decide on the implementation and adoption of risks.
Product development demands an innovative approach with an understanding of how it will benefit your clients. We have to keep in mind who is interested in your product and how to make money on it. Therefore, it is very important for us to create a business model for the growth of the token economy, and the motivation of your customers for buying financial products based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Etherus competitive advantages +

    Etherus differs from the common “mono blockchains”, which focus mainly on one technology, without taking into account its disadvantages. Each blockchain at the present time is a combination of certain technologies, knowledge and team skills, with a partial or complete denial of competitors’ achievements. Such a blockchains business model set on capitalizing the coin owned by the team in development of technology. As a result, the team is held hostage by its own business model, sometimes even very effective, but limited by its own framework.
  • Etherus business model +

    The Etherus team does not provide business consulting for payment, neither do we implement solutions with the purpose of charging license fees. In most cases, we co-found new projects and do our part free of charge (at our own expense), but we are required a share in projects’ tokens. This way our partners know we are interested in making a new business model profitable in the shortest terms possible. Thus, we do not focus on the capitalization of a single coin, but rather manage hundreds of different coins, each backed up by the real business processes behind it. We select IT solutions depending on the business needs for particular technologies. It can be a fork of the existing blockchains (public or private) with adaptation and customization to the needs of a particular business, flexibly using distributed ledger technology.
  • Product-oriented approach +

    The key competencies of Etherus are a team of product experts who collaborate with a business in search of an individual solution, conducting research on whether blockchain introduction into business processes is justified. Etherus estimates the need for a particular technology or coin for users (clients) of a partner who plans to implement an IT solution. Thus, we are wholly and completely focused on the main goal - developing a product will be in demand, because this is the only way to get the desired return on investment.
  • Why a business would need a coin? +

    The main question to ask when you hear that someone has implemented or is implementing a blockchain solution. If a business cannot explain why its clients need a coin, how it’s superior to fiat money or loyalty points, and why it should be used, then the business does not need a coin. Primarily, you need to learn how to make customer-oriented and marketable products and services. Only then blockchain technology will accelerate business processes, bring more profit, new customers and increase ARPU.
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Etherus tokenizes assets of large businesses using its own blockchain or adapting any existing technology. In addition, we have numerous B2C projects for various markets.

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Our solutions: we choose a technology based on your business needs. It can be any fork of an existing blockchains (public or private) with adaptation and customization to the needs of a particular business, which makes the use of distributed ledger technologies more flexible.

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